Women to the Front.

An intersectional, feminist and progressive action group that puts the ‘fun’ in fundraising. We help raise money and awareness for organizations doing good work that deserve more support.



Have fun while also giving a s***

From live music, to comedy, to games, we show that activism doesn’t have to be a big investment and that fundraising doesn’t need to include galas and $$$$ donations (though we’d never turn down those extra zeros). Our fundraising efforts are designed to make civic engagement and advocacy an inspiring and integral part of our daily lives. If you’re open to donating any amount of time, money or effort, we have a role for you!

Check out future and past events hosted by yours truly.


We want you!

Join our members in supporting vulnerable communities and under-funded causes. Whether you’ve been involved in activism for years, or you’re just now getting your feet wet, we want you to help us fight the fight. Join us!